Promotional Cornhole Boards For Teams

Cornhole is an American favorite backyard game that brings families, friends, and even league teams together. That’s right. In recent years cornhole has gained so much popularity that businesses sometimes create company teams to compete across the country or just in friendly local leagues. Not only does this serve as a great team building exercise for people who work together in a collaborative environment, but it adds a great deal of excitement to an already very exciting backyard game.

What custom cornhole boards do for teams

If you represent a business, you want your cornhole teams to wear the same uniforms and also compete on a cornhole board that is customized for their respective business name. This is a good promotional tactic for businesses who want their brand name out there as much as possible. During competition, it’s nice to look over and see your brand name represented on your company cornhole board.

What this does for you is give you what amounts to tons of free advertising over the course of the competition. Hundreds or even thousands, if the competition is corporate, might view this board and see your brand name out there shining bright among the crowd. Whether you win or lose the cornhole competition, you can bet you’re winning your marketing battle. Those hundreds or thousands of people will see that name every time one of your cornhole players steps up, hopefully in an equally branded team shirt.

Ongoing advertisements

This kind of non-intrusive advertising has grown in popularity over the years. Instead of annoying people with large advertisements, promotional products like custom cornhole boards are giving your players a way to enjoy their company team events while at the same time spreading the word about your brand. Sometimes people will see the custom board and look up your brand name and then go online and click here to learn more about your business.

Spread the word a little further by creating a social media account for your cornhole players. Let the world know who they are. By knowing your cornhole team and interacting with them throughout the year, you’re letting your players network easily in a fun environment. You’re giving them a great team building exercise. Most importantly, that custom cornhole board is spreading the name of your brand far and wide during company competitions. It’s a win-win situation that’s all about fun.

Building A Proper Playground

Do you remember recess, that blissful, relaxing time between lessons when alliances were formed and hardcore battle lines were drawn for Red Rover? Playground equipment can help curb the bloodlust in little Annie, but you need to pick the right kinds. Here are a few essentials for the well-rounded schoolyard.

1: Swings

No park or playground is complete without the addition of swings. You’re guaranteed an injury eventually, but that hasn’t stopped centuries of kids from daring each other to go higher and higher.

2: Slide

Slides are good, clean fun for all ages. Toddlers love plastic baby slides; older children must face a right of passage where metal slides make their skin stick to the steel on sunny days.

3: Monkey Bars

Another staple of playground fun, monkey bars should be carefully selected depending on the ages, temperaments and overall courage of the kids. Ask them directly how high they’d like their monkey bars to be. Knowing what the children really want will help build your playground.

4: Merry-Go-Round

Merry-go-rounds offer interesting insights into the psychology of schoolchildren and how they approach group dynamics, taking turns and cooperating among different age groups. Also, they’re a lot of fun.

5: Climbing Tubes

The last true domain of childhood is climbing tubes. While adults can play on the swings and even contort themselves down the slide if they’re feeling silly, they can’t fit into kid-sized jungle gyms, making the tubes one of the last child-only places in the world. No grown-ups allowed!

Gundam Collection

My brother collects gundam toys. I don’t know if they are all called gundam, but I know that they have different names. He has bought four toys for his collection which he recently just started.

gundam collection

When I first saw him assemble one toy, I was amazed at how detailed it could get. There are so many small parts that one has to be very keen to be put the correct pieces and make the toy stand. One toy he bought had a 20-page instruction and takes about 12 hours to assemble! Whoah! That is really a feat! When hubby saw how “complicated” and how detailed each toy can be assembled, he shook his head and said that he doesn’t have all the patience in the world to do all those.

Yes, the toys look cool, like those you see in the movies and anime cartoons. You would know that it looks good and not so pleasant. It is a unique collection that it really takes up my brother’s time. I guess he is just taking advantage of his vacation and maximizing all the time he has left before he goes back to work next week in the United Arab Emirates.

I wish more toys and more fun for my brother and that he will be able to buy those expensive ones.

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