Decorate Your Ice Cream Shop with these Tips

An ice cream shop is a business that is fun and exciting. It’s where families and friends can enjoy a cup or cone of ice cream, gelato or frozen yogurt depending on what is sold. According to Gelato Products, the attractiveness of your storefront is one of the first indicators that your shop offers a quality product.

Choosing Colors for Your Brand

When you choose the colors of the shop, use those that are lighter as they will give a fresh look to the inside instead of darker colors that can tend to not want customers to think about ice cream. Pink and mint green are ideal for wallpaper and accents along the counter. Place gelato cups and spoons along a counter that are in colors of pink and green to accent the walls.

Showing Off the Product

Instead of boring flowers or other small decorations on the tables, use frozen yogurt paper cups with imitations of the toppings that customers can choose from when they get their frozen treats. You could use items that look like rainbow candies, sprinkles, fruits and chocolate pieces. The idea is to give customers an idea of what the finished product will look like, and give them a reason to say yes to your store.

Working with Your Space

The layout of the ice cream shop is just as important as the colorful decorations. There needs to be a refrigerated area with a glass case where guests can see the varieties that are offered. You could also use a self-serve station where customers put their own ice cream in a cup or bowl before getting the toppings that they want. Add a few pictures that relate to summertime or ice cream on the walls or on the refrigerated case. Custom printed cups can be used along the top of the case to showcase the personality of the shop.

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