Three Reasons Why Movie Trailers Are Valuable To a Film Marketing Executive

There are many aspects of the marketing and distribution of a film, and how much skill is applied to this area of the business of film can mean the difference between profit and loss. Good marketing can turn a moderately profitable film into a blockbuster. One of the most important aspects of marketing is the movie trailer. This is a short preview of a movie that is shown before the feature film at a movie theater. The following are three reasons these trailers are important to a film’s success.

There is a target audience
There is no greater example of prospective customers for a new film than those who are sitting in a movie theater to watch a movie they just bought a ticket to see. Smart film company marketing professionals will take great care to produce a quality trailer that will entice people, who already love movies, to buy a ticket to see a studio’s new release.

Subsets of a movie audience can be targeted
If a movie is made for a specific genre, it can be run before the showing of a film in the same genre. For example, a trailer for a horror movie can be seen before a horror movie that is playing at a theater. Movie goers who are about to watch a horror movie are more likely to be interested in another horror movie than other movie genres. The same holds true for comedies, action adventure, romance or other categories of movies.

Movie trailers can be shown on television
More people will view a trailer as a television commercial than as a preview at a movie theater. Often the trailer will be edited to highlight important information for a more general audience of movie goers. A good example is the emphasis on the leading actor or actress in the movie. For people who are occasional movie goers, the actors are often an indicator of the quality of the movie. Signing popular actors for a movie is a part of marketing, especially for those films that are expected to be top box office attractions.

The above three reasons for the importance of the movie trailer in promoting the new release of a studio’s film only scratch the surface of the importance of a movie trailer. There is a great deal of knowledge and skill that is required in order to create this type of marketing to give a film every chance to succeed. It also takes many years of experience. There are many outstanding marketing executives to be found in the film industry. One example of this type of individual is executive Marc Shmuger.

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