This is my old and dilapidated thesaurus. I bought this in 2005 and it has been very useful to me back when I was still teaching and now that I am into blogging. I love to use the thesaurus especially when I want to replace a word or an adjective with another one. Do you have a thesaurus?


Overused! 🙂

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  1. i have a thesaurus! but its electronic. hehehe.. i still like the old thing though.. flipping pages. karon kay touch screen naman. pero wala ko anang dako na touch screen that they call ipad. sa phone ra akong thesauraus

    from BPC.
    hope u can visit my entry

  2. I don’t have thesaurus Pinx. Gamatoy nga dictionary ra akong owned during student years. Sa lib lang ko mag-composed article for our school papers kay unay sa mga higante nga thesaurus didto. Now, samot nga wala. LOL. Palaban ko sa online kay mas maoy accessible. 😀

    BPC hop! I’m glad you’ve joined! 🙂

  3. agoy, wala man tawon ko ana mamiPinx…sa mga bright ranang thesaurus…wahhehehe! sa google rako gasalig ron…pede uslan…lol!

    re: mau paka do kay nag lose ka ug 2lbs…lami man jud ikaon tawon woi…unsaon nalng anang diet…pastilan!

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