Whale Wars

There’s a TV series in Discovery Channel that I am getting hooked recently. I am not sure if this is already their 3rd season, but I’ve seen a few episodes of this show like two years ago. The show I am talking about is Whale Wars.

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I’ve asked Mr. Wiki about Whale Wars and this is what he gave me:

” In 2007, Paul Watson persuaded the Discovery Channel to make a reality show documentary about the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s campaign against Japanese whaling in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary off the coast of Antarctica.[4] The Japanese claim that their whaling is legally accepted research, which Sea Shepherd and others contend is a cover forbanned commercial whaling.[5] Sea Shepherd has been both criticized and praised for tactics ofdirect action sabotage which include throwing stink bombs of butyric acid as well as ramming, boarding, and otherwise attempting to disable the Japanese vessels.[6]

Paul Watson is the founder of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and I admire him and his crew of various nationalities in their campaign against the Japanese whalers. For me, it is a very timely documentary, it shows both the good and bad side of the campaign and the said-to-be legal Japanese whalers.

For the past two weeks, my heart really broke seeing the episodes because of the frustrations of the Sea Shepherd in their never-ending attempts to stop the whalers. While chasing the Nisshin Maru (the mother ship, a factory ship that is), the Sea Shepherd crew were placed in a dangerous situation, where the Japanese whalers threw brass bolts and nuts and other small things at them. Plus water cannons were being sprayed non stop to keep the conservationists away from the Japanese ship. I felt so angry at the Japanese whalers, really, and have actually said that maybe God is telling them something, that is to stop killing the whales!!! And because they have not listened, they are now facing the consequences of their actions (the devastating earthquake, the killer tsunami and the nuclear crisis). Well, that’s just my opinion and this is not to generalize though. And yet, there is still that admiration at the Japanese whalers for they exhibited their courage, their wits and intelligence. I don’t know, it’s quite unexplainable.

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Anyway, I am for Sea Shepherd’s campaign to preserve the gentle giants. I just hope that they will succeed in their endeavor and conservation measures. For the Japanese whalers, I just hope that they too will realize what they are doing.

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  1. The crisis in Japan is a good reason for all of us living in a safe country to stand back and look at our good fortune. We are fortunate the earth doesn’t move here the way it does in Japan, where tsunamis are a fairly common occurrence. Yet Nature can change our lives, and in an instant, we, too, could be without our homes or possessions, without clean water and a place to sleep.

  2. It’s no wonder why Japan has the most exotic dishes in their restaurants because they serve foods that are “unusual”. Even though they claim that the whaling is legal in their country, still capturing endangered species of fish is against the nature. When our environment strikes back, there is no reason to blame about.

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