Back from Camping

It was a fun weekend for the family as we just got back from our camping at the KOA in Niagara. We were with Tita Bambi and Kevin and because they have a lot of stuff and we were six altogether, they had to rent a small U-Haul trailer to put on all our camping stuff. We were supposed to have a three-day camping but we ended up having two days because Kevin’s aunt died the day before we our camping so they had to go to Windsor, ON to attend the funeral service. We found it that two days was enough to do camping stuff and the boys had fun plus we were also able to go to the Outlet shops in Niagara.

We had to buy our first camping equipment like tent, sleeping bags, an airbed mattress, camping stove and pegs and other stuff. I also bought a lot of small camping stuff and we all had to pack them well so that we did not have to bring a lot, but still, because we were asked to bring our own charcoal barbecue and cooler and others, we still were able to fill the small U-Haul trailer, amazingly.

Now that we’re home and back to reality, I have some unpacking to do and reorganizing the closet where all the camping stuff goes, empty the cooler, clean everything and so much more. It’s a good thing that we can home to a clean home (I cleaned before we left), I did note feel very grumpy at all, lol! The boys were also very cooperative (surprisingly) because I bet they were all exhausted from our two-day trip and thankfully they slept early too… I guess they really missed our beds… :-)


5 Tips for Choosing Pest Control Services

Are you trying to find pest control services online? Before you sign up for a nice-looking company, make sure that you’ve done your homework. Here are just five tips for finding reputable exterminators and bug killers.

1: Determine the Problem

Are you being assaulted by ants or beleaguered by bed bugs? While there are general pesticides meant to banish all creepy crawlies, it’s always better if you can go after them with specialized chemicals or bombing plans. For example, cockroaches lay eggs every 6-8 weeks, so eliminating them from your home will require sprays at least once a month.

online pest control service2: Identify Any Problem Areas

Once you’ve decided on a plan of attack, figure out any stumbling blocks that could prevent a thorough extermination. Do you have a dog? You’ll need a pest control service that uses organic compounds so Fido won’t get caught in the crossfire. Is your foundation old and cracked? Inquire about equipment that can reach even hard-to-notice areas.

3: Look For Deals

Many pest control services offer special deals for first-time customers. Even if you don’t see anything advertised on their website, ask about the possibility when you call and schedule your evaluation. You never know when they’ll have an unlisted promotion or refer-a-friend program happening behind the scenes.

4: Know the Routine

Some exterminators will require you to leave the home while spraying or bombing is taking place. Others use non-harmful chemicals that you’ll simply have to step around after the fact. Before you commit to anything, make sure that you understand what will be expected of you so you can accommodate the extermination process.

5: Check Their Credentials

Is the company affiliated with the National Pest Management Association (NPMA)? Are they licensed for business in your state? How long ago did they receive that certification, and what was required to achieve it? Different states have different standards, and you’ll only want to entrust your home to someone who is well-qualified.

These are just five tips for finding, comparing and selecting a good pest control service. Don’t let insects or rodents rule your life! Find a good company and get rid of them once and for all.


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