A Guide to Frame Measurements

 How to Measure Your Eyeglass Frames Size Infographic | Zenni Optical


Celebrating Special Occasions with Canines

Many people consider their dogs to be a part of their family. They want to include their canine friend in all of their celebrations and special moments. When people wonder what kind of gifts to send to people who have treasured furry friends in their families, they may send something that these people can use for their pet. They can recognize this family member when they send an animal-friendly present like a Dog Gift Basket.

Something like a gift basket filled with dog treats can be an ideal way to recognize a family’s new adoption of a dog or puppy. Just as when people bring home a newborn from the hospital or adopt a child, they often want to include their friends and family members in the happy occasion. People can acknowledge the new animal family addition by sending this kind of gift.

Many families also observe pet birthday just as they would a child’s birthday or a birthday of another loved one. Because human treats like cake and ice cream can be toxic to dogs, they may instead want to buy animal-friendly treats that will not upset their dog’s stomach. This website can be the ideal shopping place for people who want to buy treats and other special gifts designed just for canines.

Along with doggie treats, these kinds of baskets also include toys and other fun playthings that dogs can enjoy. Their owners and friends can find presents that dogs will recognize and want o enjoy right away.


Moving Soon

Yes we are! After nearly two years of staying here in our apartment on the 16th floor, we will be heading down to the 6th floor. It will be a bigger unit (two bedrooms) and has a bigger balcony. We are all excited and happy to be moving to a bigger apartment unit, the only thing is, we don’t have the nicest view and we will be saying goodbye to our very very nice view from up here. We will miss our million-dollar view of the Lake Ontario, the bustling Kerr Street and Speers Road, we will miss seeing my workplace’s parking lot (if it’s busy or not) and hubby won’t have any idea of what his company’s processing (as he can see from our balcony his workplace too). All these, in exchange for a little higher pay with treetops as view. Uuggghh!

Well, we don’t want to complain because like what our superintendent told us, two-bedroom units here are like gold, they are precious and nobody almost wants to move out. Yes, we are very thankful to have been given the privilege despite being the last on the list. Our superintendent has been very generous and has given us the first available two-bedroom unit for us, even though it has made some tenants upset who have been waiting for more than five years. Well, as what we’ve been told, we have become a priority as we have two kids, and those who have been waiting before us had dogs and the superintendent preferred to give rooms for the kids than the dogs… I mean who would not, right? I love dogs, she loves dogs, but kids are of utmost importance and are a priority. 

So anyway, the move is just a couple of days and hubby and I have already packed most of our stuff that we don’t use, just yet, like winter jackets, the canned goods in the cupboard, shoes, some of our clothes and bedroom linens, blankets and bed sheets. Are we ready? Yes, in a way, and I will then have to work extra hours to be able to pay for the additional rent payment. I am sure everything will be fine and okay.