Eco-Friendly Kitchen Cleaners

The kitchen is referred to as the “heart of the house.” It is often the most used room in your home and because of that, it can seem to need constant cleaning. Even if you don’t cook every meal at home, you still probably spend a lot of time in the kitchen. And if you entertain at all, your guests will likely be in or very near there too so it is important for it to look, smell, and feel clean. Electrolux ecosential by SmartChoice will make that job easier with stainless steel, flat cooktop and oven cleaners.

electrolux cleaners

Stainless steel appliances often leave fingerprints even when touched by clean hands. Flat cooktops are much easier to clean, but proper care is still important for glass and ceramic stovetops. And while you may not have an exposed burner in your oven, cleaning up from an overflowing casserole or fresh-baked pie can still be a pain. Busy families don’t have all day to spend cleaning, so it is important to have the right tools for the job.

Ecosential cleaners are available individually or in a convenient combo cleaning kit that contains the stainless steel cleaner, smooth cooktop cleaner, and kitchen surface and oven cleaner. Each cleaner is environmentally safe and has targeted ingredients for each specific kitchen surface.

Think of all the areas in your kitchen that get touched everyday: the kitchen table, the fridge door, the microwave, the faucet handles, the cabinets, the dishwasher, etc. The list is long. Keeping everything clean is important for keeping your family safe and happy. Busy moms know this better than anyone. 

Many cleaners may be effective but contain harsh chemicals that can either hinder the safety of you and your family or the safety of the environment. Ecosential cleaning products are environmentally safe and effective. That means you can keep a clean kitchen that is safe for you and your entire family and the environment. What could be better?

Ecosential smooth cooktop kit includes the cleaner and cleaning pads. The stainless steel cleaning kit also includes microfiber cloths. The kits offer additional savings versus buying each product separately.


Saving More

I am trying to save a lot more nowadays because the family will be moving by the end of July to a 2-bedroom apartment and hubby and I are certain that we will be needing a lot to buy new beds and mattresses for our boys. I am actually feeling a little bit stressed already and my mind has been pretty occupied with what all the things that has to be done before our move.

Although I still feel blessed for not having to move to a different and new place. We will be moving 10 floors down and to a different view. We will be saying goodbye to our million-dollar view and will soon be seeing just treetops and not the beautiful Lake Ontario. We haven’t seen the unit yet as the tenant is still there but in the next weeks, we will be able to enter it, as soon as the landlord finishes its repairs and repainting.

So for now, hubby and I are saving more for our needs for the big move. Hopefully we won’t go broke and will still be able to fill our fridge and tummies. Thank you God for this blessing, we know that we don’t deserve it but still, You gave it to us. Bless our plans and our family!


Reality TV Fan

I am a reality TV fan. I watch these shows because I love how I can relate with the characters, let’s say the contestants on a certain TV show. One time, I talked to a customer and he asked me what kind of TV shows do I watch, I told him that I watch reality TV shows and when I asked him the same thing, he replied he watches political satires. Well, it’s just not my cup of tea. I don’t like politics and I find it a little difficult to grasp some political concepts and language (if there is). Or maybe because I just did not develop the liking to watch such shows. I grew up watching telenovelas, afternoon drama shows, variety shows and was into local showbiz personalities. When I reached 30, I started watching documentaries of any kind and at the same time, got hooked to reality TV shows and till now, I am!

One of the latest TV shows that I watching is The Bachelorette. I am not like a very avid fan but because I want to see how one woman’s life can change and how she might be able to meet and find her future husband in a different kind of way, I got hooked into it. I have seen several The Bachelor series before but not a lot of The Bachelorette. I know it is a little exciting to see who The Bachelorette will choose in the end and if to find out if the one whom she chooses will propose to her then maybe she can then start organizing and to find ideas for bachelorette party. I am pretty sure that this season’s Bachelorette is smart enough and knows what to do, so I just hope that she will find  what she is looking for.

Aside from The Bachelorette, I am also hooked into Gordon Ramsay’s shows (MasterChef and Hell’s Kitchen). I don’t know, but there is something in Gordon Ramsay’s skill in the kitchen that really amazes me. Even though he swears a lot, I still love his shows. There are still other reality TV shows that I am watching but these three are my current favourites. I am looking forward to another season of the Amazing Race Canada and Survivor.